UK Schools

As a long established college we understand the challenges of recruiting highly qualified and experienced teachers and you may not be able to provide as broad a curriculum as you may wish.

This is where London Tutorial College can help.

British Education
partnering to provide outstanding education to UK schools

We can fill the gaps where needed, allowing you to deliver more:

  • Subject options
  • Cover for absent teachers
  • Help with any emergency school closures
  • Academic top up outside the timetable during the term
  • Holiday revision
  • Exam preparation

We can teach a full range of subjects from GCSE to A Levels.

For more information, please email the Principal

international schools

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We partner with international schools to offer high quality support to each school community, based on the ethos of internationalism & global education, as well as the ambition to excel among teachers and students.

For more information, please contact the Principal

In practical terms, we work hard to share our passion to:

  • Help students whenever they need to build confidence in a subject during a school year, prepare for an exam or a school entry test
  • Assist schools when they need help with running an additional subject or need a cover tutor
  • Offer booster sessions or revision courses to GCSE/IGCSE & A Level/IB students
  • Improve English language skills in students who speak English as an additional language
  • Ensure continuity of teaching provision in case of emergency school closures, particularly before exams
  • Give a taste of British education for students relocating to the UK
  • Help develop study skills, crucial to academic success!

Our qualified tutors have a hands-on experience of teaching students from all over the world.

We can teach a full range of subjects at GCSE/IGCSE/A Level/IB.

Rapid Results

Sports and performing arts students face incredible challenges. Not only are they required to perform to an exceptionally high standard in their field of specialism, but they also need to ensure their sound academic progress is achieved, vital in the modern world.

A proven formula of live tutor support plus an easy access to any study material for homework and exam revision purposes is a win-win combination!

London Tutorial College provides:

  • A highly flexible way of learning which suits the busy schedule of sporting competitions, fixtures, rehearsals or performances
  • A dynamic combination of live lessons, either on a one to one basis or in very small classes of up to 5 students, and a unique multifunctional platform
  • A facility for students to be always up to date with the rigours of the exam syllabus
  • An opportunity to save time and money on commuting, library visits or looking for lost handouts 
  • A facility to access an online library including lesson recordings, handouts, reference materials, marked homework, test papers, notes and more


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