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We offer both 1 and 2 year GCSE and A Level courses

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Our fast track course is an excellent way of gaining desirable academic qualifications very quickly (9-16 months); the programme is carefully designed for students who:

  • Have studied in the UK or abroad and wish to enter an A Level or IB programme (fast track GCSE) or a university (fast track A Level)
  • Are exceptionally strong and are wishing to progress quickly
  • Are ready for intensive work covering a two-year syllabus
    in 3-4 terms
  • Require more individual attention from a
    highly skilled tutor
  • Are home-schooled
  • Are sportsmen with intensive weekly practice
  • Want to re-sit a year to improve their grades
  • Might have missed out on schooling for
    health reason

A Tutorial in A Level Chemistry 

COURSE STRUCTURE – The Learning Process

  • Full time fast track course consists of 60-minute lessons: four lessons per subject per week for GCSE and six for A Level students, but the programme can be tailor-made to your specific needs
  • Live lessons with an expert tutor are timetabled to suit students’ availability
  • 1:1 tuition 
  • Flexible options available 
  • All questions answered during each lesson by tutors whom students can see, hear and with whom they can discuss any challenging syllabus areas
  • Students can see and hear the tutor and each other, annotate the displayed handouts on an interactive whiteboard, raise queries to the class or post questions to a tutor during the lesson
  • Homework is set during each lesson and checked
  • Handouts, glossary & lesson notes are uploaded to the reference library
  • All lessons are recorded – excellent for catching up or revision
  • Regular progress tests are set to check understanding and knowledge
  • Monthly reports are sent to parents so that they are fully involved in the process
  • The sciences are usually taken as combined science unless a student is seeking to take science at A Level


We offer over 20 subject options, following the syllabus of the main exam boards.

The subjects include:

  • English Language & Literature
  • Maths
  • Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biology)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Politics & Government
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Information Computer Technology (ICT)
  • Art & Design
  • Music
  • Religious Studies
  • Languages, e.g. Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Arabic and more

With our help from college tutors, you will be pleased with your results

Have your exams not gone as expected? 

Didn’t get the results you wanted or needed to enter a Sixth Form or a University?

We believe in offering second chances. Often a change of environment, more motivating tutors or supportive classmates plus a very exciting use of modern technology, can make all the difference.

To achieve your full potential, we:

  • Offer you plenty of opportunities to raise queries with tutors during each live lesson
  • Encourage tutors to tailor-make each lesson to your individual needs
  • Focus on the more challenging aspects of the subject curriculum
  • Set you homework and help with revision timetable
  • Give you lots of past papers for you to practise exam skills
  • Ensure you do regular progress tests
  • Record lessons, upload lesson notes and reference handouts
  • Produce monthly achievement reports
  • Provide you with a comprehensive reference library for easier revision
  • Help you grow in knowledge and confidence
  • Assist you in developing skills for life
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Course Structure 

Students, depending on their level, can either join existing fast track courses or benefit from a tailor-made programme.

  • Each lesson will be delivered LIVE by an experienced tutor who, having identified the main areas for improvement, will ensure that the programme is adjusted to meet individual needs
  • As lessons take place in very small groups of up to FIVE students only, or even 1:1, the level of attention and time each student gets from tutors is exceptionally high
  • Students, thanks to the ongoing live interaction, feel supported, properly guided during their learning and revision process, and grow in confidence, so important for academic success

After-School Tuition ONLINE

This option is designed for students who wish to:

  • Secure a top grade needed for a UK university place
  • Top up their home- schooled education
  • Improve their grades at school
  • Take an additional subject to gain an extra qualification
  • Get a taster of particular subjects to help with future sixth form or university choices
  • Top up more challenging areas of their studies if home-schooled
  • Develop a more in-depth knowledge of a subject of their choice
  • Study in a more modern way, with flexibility and regular tutor input

Although tutors follow a curriculum, students are encouraged to bring specific queries to each lesson and make the most of the expert tutor support. Homework is set every time to help students work regularly and develop self-discipline and study methods needed in future exams and higher level of study.

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All lessons with our tutors are 60 minutes long. The number of weekly lessons depends on individual requirements which we help to assess.


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